A complete guide to all new beauty products

Butters which can be applied on the body, fizzy bombs which can be used for bathing and yoghurts which can be used for moisturization. Just like these

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​Neha Dhupia's summer bridal shoot

Summery bridal looks and fresh colours make a great combination in the hot season. If you're looking for some summer wedding style, then take inspirat

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Destress methods based on your zodiac sign

The way you react to stress and the methods you opt to fight it depends on a lot of different factors. One of the major deciding factors is your zodia

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Is working from home more challenging?

According to experts, under the current circumstances, the boundary between personal life and professional life has become blurred. As a result of whi

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Here is how much you should exercise during lockdown

However, with all the panic and anxiety that comes with the lockdown, it might be hard for a lot of people to actually keep up with their workout rout

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Eating with spoon versus with hands

Eating with hands has its good old history in India. It was not only a part and parcel of our traditions but was also the simplest way of eating food.

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All about lockdown extramarital affairs

Several dating websites have released data giving insights into married spouses turning to these websites to stir up their monotonous life.

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How you can do your eyebrows at home

Those bushy and unkempt eyebrows cause every woman to cringe in front of the mirror. We have a few simple steps you can follow to help you keep those

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What’s stopping you from falling in love

Are you single and waiting for love? Here is how you can find out what is keeping you away from falling in love, as per your zodiac signs.

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Foods that must be eaten on an empty stomach

Orange juices, croissants and breads might look very attractive in breakfast pictures, but are they actually healthy to be eaten as first things in th

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How Sunny is keeping us entertained

This woman is a goddess.

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Social distancing video for kids

In today’s time when COVID-19 is spreading all the across the world like wildfire, practicing social distancing is the best precaution possible to k

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Weight loss trick that only takes 15 minutes

While there are several workout regimes and ample of diets out there which guarantee you weight loss, this weight loss trick requires you to do nothin

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Summer make-up trends of 2020

Watermelons and mangoes have arrived and so have the new make-up trends.

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Avoid these common mask mistakes

Wearing a mask is definitely a good measure to protect yourself, however, it's vital to ensure that you wear it the right way. Here are some of the t

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Tips to ace the art of digital dating

These are challenging times. But the Coronavirus lockdown has taught us to learn new ways, work around hurdles and emerge a winner. So for the lovestr

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