Dia Mirza's vibrant printed outfits

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza loves to experiment with her style. The actress loves sustainable fashion and likes to pick pieces which are chic yet comf

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Weekly Books News (July 6-12)

Watch the video containing this week's top books news!

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Big B tested Covid positive; here's why he chose to get admitted

Since the actor has medical comorbidities, he has opted for getting admitted in the hospital instead of home quarantining. For the unversed, the term

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What to tell your teenagers who are worried about their studies in the lockdown

Just as tough and cumbersome time it is for you, it is just as tough for the mini-adults who were hoping to carve out the first steps in their career.

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3 anti-ageing Korean beauty hacks

Well, we researched a little and came across many Korean beauty hacks and tried three of them, and we have to admit, we were surprised at the results

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The best time to have your immunity-boosting kadha

The coronavirus pandemic has made the immunity-boosting kadha an important part of our daily diet.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary just included ‘irregardless'

The dictionary decided the define the word ‘irregardless', much to the irritation of many English speakers.

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Surveen Chawla's sari is perfect for 'Bhai ki shaadi'

If you are looking for an outfit inspiration for a family wedding, this could be your pick.

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Signs to know if you have a toxic family member

Not all families are loving, caring, supportive and respectful. Some are really complicated. Disagreements amongst family members is a normal thing, b

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12 bedroom vastu tips for love life

Mutual love, care and respect is the main foundation of any healthy relationship and this is what drives most couples. What vastu shastra can help wit

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5 hidden sources of caffeine

Excess of caffeine intake can have several negative outcomes like dehydration and anxiety.

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How to learn to love your partner again

If one is truly inclined to revive back the love and adventure in their lives, then there are many ways you could make your partner notice you even mo

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Ananya Panday rocks neon shades

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday is known for her experimental sartorial choices. The 21-year-old actress made her debut last year and has made quite a

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Varun Dhawan tries Chandranamaskar!

Chandranamaskar targets the lower body and is good for people who find it tough to rest their body weight on their arms. It helps stretch and strength

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4 infections apart from COVID-19 which still don't have a vaccine

While it's the first time a vaccine like this is being developed at such warp speed, there still are some infections the world is battling for, withou

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7 scandalous times when royalty went rogue

For centuries, British royalty and scandals seem to have an everlasting relationship with one another. Their not-so-fairytale-like secrets have stunne

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Things that can terribly go wrong with your hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers and face masks have become an important part of our new normal lives.

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Chefs share kitchen tips in times of COVID

The first and the last thing to be done while entering the kitchen and leaving it is-washing hands thoroughly with soap and water. Also, one should ke

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