Trying to lose weight? Eat your meal alone

Researchers have found an easy way that can help you to stick to your diet plan to lose weight- Eat alone!

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Bollywood shoe trends of 2020

To make it easier for you, we have sorted out some of the designs which will be a great hit in 2020.

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20 exciting Indian books of 2020

Here are some upcoming books by Indian authors you're sure to find interesting.

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Mistakes you should avoid while proposing

Are you living a romantic lie fed by movies and novels? Then you shoulc check these points before proposing the person you love.

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

Red flags to watch out for in the teenage years

As an aware parent, you should keep a lookout for some subtle red flags in your teen's behaviour:

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

Anthony Bourdain's last book to release

Titled 'World Travel: An Irreverent Guide', the book is a guide to some of the fascinating places in the world as experienced by Bourdain

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

Mouni Roy reveals all her fashion and beauty secrets

Exclusive interaction with Mouni Roy

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

Weekly Books News (Jan 13-19)

Watch the video containing this week's top books news!

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Should you try skin fasting?

A new detox is to go off skincare for short spurts of time to help your skin regenerate minus any products

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

#FitnessFirst: Cut extra calorie intake

Your health is inevitably tied to your success, both personally and professionally. But working round the clock may make it hard to maintain a proper

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My 62-year-old father wants to remarry

Want expert advice for your relationship? Send us your query at [email protected]

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No onions in your favourite snacks

​“This kebab place I frequent has now replaced onions with cabbage in the salads. And the saddest thing is that my favourite panipuri vendor has s

Lifestyle - 3 days ago

Letter to my friend who lost her unborn baby

Please forgive me I wasn’t there to listen to you when you were celebrating its arrival in your womb and I am sorry for your loss.

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5 ways to fight hair loss

The problem of hair loss seems to be quite common these days. Some of the causes of hair loss are stress, nutritional deficiencies, dandruff, oily sca

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6 heel hacks no one told you about

After diamonds, heels are definitely a girl’s best friend. Every girl who has worn heels knows the pain they give. These torturous heels are always

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Micro review: 'Flutter in the Colony'

'Flutter in the Colony' will take readers through the difficulty of the Bengal partition via an engaging story.

Lifestyle - 3 days ago

Women with strong female friends are more successful

Women with female friends also overcome workplace sexism and discrimination better. All cheers to women power!

Lifestyle - 3 days ago

How to find the perfect weight loss plan

If you are confused about the perfect diet plan for you, here’s help.

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