COVID-19 symptoms most often start to appear in this order

Scientists believe that identification of the symptoms may help people isolate and spot warning signs before the infection risk swells up.

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Spine chilling horror books by Indian authors

Here is a look at some spine chilling horror books by Indian authors you must read.

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Sunsigns always in a rush to say 'I Do'

While it only takes a little attraction and affection to fall in love with someone, marriage is a totally different ball game. It is a sacred bond bet

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Tamannaah loves organic clothing!

The diva recently made a serious case for organic clothing and you have to check out her amazing eco-friendly outfit!

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Is your child getting bullied?

From spreading nasty rumours, hitting, name-calling to making mean comments about your child publicly, bullying can take many, many forms. As it can c

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How to lose water weight fast

Even though water weight is rarely as big an issue as obesity, it can seldom impact athletic performance and make you feel dull and lethargic.

Lifestyle - 14 hours ago

How long does it take to lower cholesterol?

It is linked with serious health ailments like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes, which at times can turn fatal.

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Celebs who married into royal families

However, there have been instances in the past when these two totally different worlds have come together in the form of matrimonial unions that left

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Russian Coronavirus vaccine in India: 1 in 7 people reporting side-effects from Sputnik vaccine

While 300 patients out of 40,000 selected ones have been successfully injected, the second dose will be given 21 days after the date of the first shot

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Why you should never date a married person

Falling in love or getting attracted to someone is completely natural, but falling in love with someone who is already married is a big ‘No-No’. W

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6 COVID vaccines in third phase trials

Relying on one vaccine alone isn't the safest bet right now, as witnessed with the temporary hiccups experienced with the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine.

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Yami Gautam shares DIY kajal recipe

From sharing her fitness mantras to a few secret beauty hacks, the stunner keeps her Insta family hooked to her likeable feed. And recently, she surpr

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These zodiac signs love to gossip at work

There is nothing that matches the feeling that comes with a crisp and juicy gossip. It is something that feels extremely bad yet completely satisfacto

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Fish vs chicken: What's better for weight loss?

Grilled fish and chicken -excellent to lose weight are high in protein, low in carbs and other healthy nutrients. But, out of these two options- which

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Sara's shoulder bag is trending! Here's why

Today, we are going to talk about a glittery bag she flaunted just a few days ago.

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Dealing with infertility? Here's help

From PCOS and cervix problems in women to poor quality sperm and pituitary gland disorders in men, infertility is a common problem which plaques a lar

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Why you miss your ex despite being in a great relationship

Every relationship is special in its own way. While you may have already moved on from your previous love-affairs to the next, there is always that on

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PeeCee's short haircut looks perfect

Priyanka Chopra Jonas took to Instagram recently to share a glimpse of her new haircut. The actress' latest picture has her sporting short bangs.

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