Modeling Industry Is No More Biased To Genders Globally

The modeling industry was at a time when the floor was for the slaying of feminine and masculine. But with the emerging of transgenders has removed th

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How To Dress For a Job Interview?

Recently, The Editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour has shared a comprehensive guide of dressing up for an interview. During her stint as an Editor in

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7 Popular Engagement Ring Trends That Will Help Women To Choose The Best

Looking forward for an engagement? And, confused regarding the engagement ring? Ladies, hold on. No doubt, engagement ring adds beauty in look. And, h

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How To Hide Large Forehead and Look More Beautiful

Large forehead is not something that you should be ashamed of, but they could look odd at times. Especially if you’re tired of people staring at it

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Here is What Happening in The World of Fashion, 2018

World of Fashion – There is nothing permanent in the world of fashion but one thing is for sure, the designers have mastered the skills of recycling

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Make Up Trends Of 2018

Make Up Trends 2018 – Fashion scenario has always been upbeat in India, but nothing could beat the beautiful sari making the trends worldwide. From

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Handbags And Clutches For All Women To Look Perfectly Modish!

Handbags and Clutches – Are you tired of your old-fashioned handbag & clutch? Are you looking to buy a new one? If yes, then this content will surel

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Decoding The Pantsuit Fashion, Your Slam Dunk For a Party

Pantsuit Fashion – The history of pantsuits go eons back. It was introduced in the year 1920s when a small number of women coveted for a masculine s

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6 Sure Shot Ways To Dress Yourself To Look Slimmer Instantly!

Dresses to look slimmer – It’s an undeniable fact that losing weight is not an easy. We also know that best way to drown those fats is by doing de

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These Are Unique Ways Through Which You Can Look Slimmer and Feel Confident

Look Slimmer – We always keep our fashion dreams bottled away and boil down to regular clothing. What really takes a toll on our confidence is our b

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If You Have These Fashion Habits, You Are The Rachel Green Of Your Group

Fashion habits – So what do you do when it gets all gloomy? Get bent out of shape? Sleep al day? Wear the devil-may-care attitude on your sleeve, pu

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These Are The Best College Fest Ideas For Every Budding Fashionista

College fest fashion ideas – Come college fest and prom nights, the nubile girls who strut around in shorts, are left grappling with outfit ideas. F

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Here Are The 10 Tips To Help You Look Taller

Tips to look taller – Being short reflects badly on your looks especially and raises real hurdles before you when it comes to fashion. One looks imp

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Here Are The 7 Awe Inspiring Make-up Looks From Milan Fashion Week

Inspiring make-up looks – Fashion weeks stress as much on the beauty as the clothes. In the runway trends, the winged eye-liner, bold eyebrows and n

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Here Is What Bollywood Celebs Wore in Lakme Fashion Week 2018

Lakme Fashion Week 2018 – Celebrities have no qualms in featuring in fashion shows and taking the runway by storm. Among the renowned fashion shows

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These Are The Fresh Hair Trends at the Lakme Fashion Week You Need to Look At

Fresh hair trends – We are really pumped up that the new fashion week begins. Lakme India Fashion Week is what all fashion enthusiasts look up to. T

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10 Ways to Reinvent Your Western Look Under Tight budget

Western look – Fashion is all about the sense of proportion, you don’t have to sell your soul for looking fashionable. Just that, you have to keep

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Fashion Trends That Are Going To Be Back By 2018

Fashion trends that are coming back – We assume all the fashion ninjas out have already started leafing through the fashion mags for inspiration. Bu

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10 Outfits of Selena Gomez that Prove She Owns 2017

Any news related to Selena Gomez is selling like hot cake now and becoming a clickbait for various websites. Reason is simple, her getting back on wit

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10 Fashion Habits That Will Earn You More Respect in Your Friend circle

A true blue fashionista lives by certain fashion rules that make her stand out in the crowd. Dressing well is the sign of a good observer, learner and

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