Tech: 7 softwares that bring classic video games on PC

For a Japanese company that started out as a playing card company in 1889, Nintendo paved the way for videogames in a way few could, starting with the brilliant Game & Watch machines in 1980 that bought handheld gaming to the masses and the launch of their first TV connectable videogame console the NES in 1983. The console was so popular it also made it to our shores, rebranded as the Samurai, a few years after its launch. These consoles are still popular, evident from the way the Classic Edition of NES got wiped out within minutes of its relaunch last year. A repeat performance is expected for the SNES Classic Edition, to be launched in September. Though it might be hard to get your hands on one of these beauties, it isn't hard to relive those moments on your computer.

N64The N64 saw Nintendo dive head first into 3D graphics. While winning many accolades as the best console at the time, it lagged behind Sony's PlayStation One in sales. There are several games that are considered brilliant, including GoldenEye 007, Paper Mario, Starfox 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The emulator Project 64 is a no-fuss application, however, finding a ROM for the N64 is a lot harder than the NES and SNES.Software: Project64Download:

Nintendo DSThe DS or Dual Screen is where Nintendo really started to push the boundaries of what it meant to be a gaming console. The handheld came with two screens a top LCD and a bottom touch-sensitive screen, included was a pen to write/draw on the bottom screen. Being an odd console means the emulator is also fairly odd, while most games are easy to play without the touchscreen, those that rely heavily on using both the screens at the same time may be at a disadvantage in the emulation.Software: DeSmuMEDownload:

Gamecube & WiiWii was a success despite being pitted against more powerful consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3. The USP of the Wii is its ability to capture motion. The emulator Dolphin does a fairly good job of simulating the game. However, for optimum performance you may need to invest in a real Wii Mote and sensor bar.Software: Dolphin 5.0Download:

Gameboy AdvanceGameboy Advance is essentially a tiny handheld SNES which imported a lot of the NES and SNES library in a simple handheld console in glorious colour. Launched in 2001, various iterations of the console held on till the Gameboy Micro which was discontinued in 2008. With a huge library of games GBA was a huge success selling more than 80 million units worldwide.Software: mGBADownload:

Wii UThe Wii U emulator CEMU is still new to the emulation game and as such only a handful of titles work with the emulator. It is still early days as only 28 per cent of the Wii U library is actually playable. CEMU needs a little more attention than the other emulators on the list, but the community is very active, which means there are plenty of guides to help you along the way.Software: CEMUDownload:

NESNintendo Entertainment System is the console that started it all. Everything you remember playing growing up was most probably on this 8-bit system — including classics like Contra, Donkey Kong Jr, Excite Bike, Super Mario Bros, Ice Climber, Galaga, Spartan X and Circus Charlie. The software to play NES games is called FCEUX and it requires almost no user intervention to play. Just source the ROM you are looking for and load it to play.Software: FCEUXDownload:

SnesThe SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System launched in 1990 and was a 16-bit console which meant better graphics. The console didn't make it to our shores in its original form, but there were more than enough clones that took advantage of a thriving videogame rental business at the time. SNES9X is a long running emulator that's one of the best, simply because it is one of the easiest to use.Software: Snes9XDownload:

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