'Bank Chor' Movie Review

'Bank Chor'U/A; Comedy-thrillerDirector: BumpyCast: Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek OberoiRating: 

It's hard to place trust in a film directed by a man named Bumpy. Ironically enough, what he has to offer is nothing less than a bumpy ride. 'Bank Chor' is one of the most unbearable movies I have watched in recent times. And mind you, I sat through the Bill Gates scene in 'Half Girlfriend', which is saying a lot. The comic caper designed for quick laughs turns into a gyaan session, which is hard to sit through.

For starters, commissioning writers to get a bound script ain't exactly a bad thing. The actors, I wouldn't fault much — they hardly have any material to play with. The otherwise bankable Riteish Deshmukh, who can make any tacky comedy watchable, practically sleepwalks through his part and still manages to be the best thing in the movie. But then again, what were the options — Vivek Oberoi growling at Rhea Chakraborty? The latter was nothing more than an eye candy and Vivek definitely deserved better.

The bank heist comedy is a drag from the word go. The jokes are inconsistent, stale and straight out of WhatsApp forwards. The long running Faridabad-Ghaziabad debacle is the only one that made me chuckle. I have no idea why Baba Sehgal was in the movie at all. The humour is juvenile, exactly what you expect when a bunch of goofballs decide to rob a bank. Why did they bring conscience into this devoid-of-brains affair in the film’s second hour is beyond me. Menacing doesn’t work when it’s Vivek. He probably took his character’s name, Amjad Khan, way too seriously. 

Calling this convoluted mess a film is demeaning to the word, because I have seen 14-year-olds put together better work than this at school plays. The problem is no one cared to make it well. The only saving grace is that Vivek and Riteish didn’t team up for an offensive sex comedy this time.

You'd do well to spare yourself the horror of sitting through this idiocy.

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