10 unforgettable female detectives

Take an adventurous journey into the crime world with 10 unforgettable female detectives.

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6 bedtime hacks to wake up with beautiful skin

It is the perfect time to repair the damaged skin cells, and pamper your skin after a stressful day.

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The perfect sex position according to ‘his’ size

When it comes to sex positions, what works for others on the bed may not always float your boat!

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5 spiciest Indian dishes that you must try

Do you consider yourself a spice junkie? Keep lots of water and sweets handy as we are going to give you a list of 5 insanely hot spiciest Indian dish

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7 ways to make your lipstick last longer

To save you time, here are 5 lipstick hacks which will keep your look fresh throughout the day.

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These facts about Ferrero Rocher will surprise you

We have grown up eating this crunchy ball of delight. Ferrero Rocher is not just chocolate but celebration for most of us. Here are five interesting f

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Kareena Kapoor and Rujuta Diwekar share important pregnancy notes

If you are a pregnant mom or planning to have a baby, you must have heard people telling you that pregnancy is your license to pack on weight without

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5 manicure mistakes you're probably making

Women are out to conquer the world, then why let this minor bump in the road stop you for looking bomb all day long. To save you time we have rounded

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Is eating Poha everyday in breakfast good for health?

Here are some reasons why the humble poha remains among the healthiest breakfast options.

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7 foreplay moves that will drive your partner crazy

A little bit experimentation during foreplay will never hurt your partner, right?

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Gift Modi a book, not flowers

The Prime Minister's Office on Monday has issued an advisory to every Indian state to "sensitize" the mass into presenting Narendra Modi with a book o

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Apple seeds can be poisonous! Here’s what happens when you eat them

Apple is considered as one the healthiest fruits but this same nutritious fruit can turn fatal. Apple seeds are capable of poisoning and causing death

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5 reasons why your skin needs a face mask

Here are five benefits and easy DIY recipes of face mask that will convince you to try one

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10 beautiful quotes by Pablo Neruda

Here are 10 beautiful quotes by Pablo Neruda that will leave you spellbound.

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How to wear big earrings like Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor

The one accessory trend we’re currently crushing on is the tassel earrings. This trend has reigned supreme from many seasons now. The ‘shoulder du

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10 shower props that can create your 50 Shades of Grey story

Spice up your aquatic adventures with these props!

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Kareena Kapoor looks every bit hot in this dress!

Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor never fails to impress us. Making headlines since her pregnancy, the actress has been giving us goals for everything

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What's the difference between Momos and Dim Sums

How often have you ordered for a plate of steamed dim sums, thinking this is what momos are called in restaurants. But dim sums are not suave momos bu

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