Mumbai Food: South Indian dishes served with a twist at Khar pop-up

Yam Vepuddu "If anyone messes with the traditional rasam podi (powder) recipe at home, my folks lose their mind," laughs chef Ashwin Ramachandran, wh

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Mumbai food: 10 eateries where you can binge drink on a shoe-string budget

Bar Stock Exchange, Lower ParelThere are some blessed bars and eateries in Mumbai that do not need to add the 'happy hours' tag to keep you happy. Bec

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Mumbai food: Try these infused cocktails to take a break from regular ones

Pop it Alcoholic infusions are enjoying their moment under the spotlight, with everything from fruits to herbs making their way into infused drinks

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Mumbai food: New BKC joint recreates New York City neighbourhood from 1960s

The bajra and ricotta gnudi comes with creamed Amaranth leaves and spinach tossed with toasted pine nuts and local greens veloute Inˆthe 1960s, th

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Sample East Indian flavours during a walk through Bandra's Bazaar Road

Lawrence D'Souza with guests at an earlier edition of the food walk Every evening, Gilroy Nunes, a Bandra resident, sets up his stall, Lourdes Fast F

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Mumbai Food: Exotic flavours of Latin America comes to the city

Arepas To many of us, Latin American cuisine comprises food from just one region - Mexico. However, the region is filled with culinary inspiration, f

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Goa restaurant known for its Southeast Asian cuisine to open in Mumbai

Pickled Tea Leaf Salad If it wasn't for Bawmra Jap's wife, the little culinary jewel in Goa that goes by the name Bomra's wouldn't have exis

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Food: Four Mumbaikars share some lesser-known summer spreads

Joyee Mahanta and Priyangi Borthakur. Pics/Sneha Kharabe Assamese: Poita bhat with aloo pitikaIn Assam, where Joyee Mahanta and Priyangi Borthakur of

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Mumbai Food: 6 vegetarian restaurants that will please your palette and pocket

Are you one of those hardcore non-vegetarians who think vegetarian food is bland and boring. Well, think again, at least when you are in Mumbai. The m

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This new gastro bar in Bandra offers small plates and quirky drinks

Jenna Ba. Pics/Sneha Kharabe It's not often that we spot a woman behind a bar in the city. So, our faces split into a wide grin as we watched in-hous

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Boozy date with books: The best micro libraries housed inside Mumbai bars

  For books with brewsWhen Harry Potter And The Cursed Child released last year, besides bookstores, many of the city's Potterheads also landed up a

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Mumbai Food: This chef has the perfect answer to Bandra's hotspot Candies

Meat features prominently on the menu. Pics/Shraddha Uchil  There's a reason young people prefer heading to Candies. The food is affordable and fill

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Take this big, fat beer trail across Mumbai for the choicest of brews

For Brit-style brews Taste the pre-Victorian London in the chocolatey London Porter ('575) or try Double Stout 1698 ('750), a Kentish ale, brewed t

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Mumbai restaurateurs' react to Delhi's order of using restaurant toilets for free

  Women and children in Delhi can now access toilets of hotels and restaurants free of cost. This is because, starting from May 1, women and childre

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Mumbai Food: Learn to bake coffee time cakes at this workshop

Coffee bakes and cakes11.30 am to 2 pm Join a baking class, titled Coffee Time Bakes with Anurita Ghoshal of Eighth by Anurita and Blue Tokai Coffee

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Mumbai Food: 3 new menus to try

Cantonese cravings12 pm to 1 am Indulge in a six-course set menu featuring Crispy Duck Salad, Chinese Wild Mushroom Soup, Grilled Shanghai Dumpling,

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Mumbai 360: Your weekday goand do guidebook

Monday Guess who's Charlie?Watch senior actor Kiran Kumar's stage debut in Hindi play, Charlie 2. The thriller is about Chandermohan Nagar, a schoo

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Mumbai Food: The mango served with a twist at these 6 places

A Mexican twistWhat if you could try a quesadilla featuring mango? Well, no request is too odd, because at AKA Bistro, you actually can.

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Mumbai Food: Sample flavours from New Orleans on International Jazz Day

Grits Fritters. Pics/Datta Kumbhar The seductive notes of the saxophone and guitar combine in our head to conjure up a lovely Jazz melody as we sip a

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Chef Hemant Oberoi to launch his first standalone restaurant in Mumbai

Every detail at the restaurant has been overseen by chef Oberoi. Pics/Shadab Khan What do we do when we hear chef Hemant Oberoi is opening a restaura

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Mumbai Food: From bar nibbles to summer coolers...try out new menus

Late-night bar nibbles 11.30 pm to 1 am Order a plate or two of munchies from a new midnight snacks menu, which will help you keep your party going

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What's on tonight?

6 pm Round up your gal pals and head for a Ladies Night where you can soak in the Hawaiian vibe and enjoy free cocktails like Cosmopolitan and Hawai

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Chef Manu Chandra and cheesemaker Aditya Raghavan discuss food over coffee

Aditya Raghavan. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar "Weve been planning to collaborate on making cheese together," says chef Manu Chandra as he smiles and greets Ad

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Mumbai food: Famed Dilli halwais, Bikanervala, set up shop in Vashi

Shyam Sunder Aggarwal. Pics/Sneha Kharabe When we call on the landline of the Bikanervala office in Delhi, we are greeted with a call-wait tune: 'Na

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Food: Mumbai restaurants push the envelope with new summer desserts

White Chocolate Parfait with Goat's Cheese Ice Cream and Beetroot SpongeThe smoothness of white chocolate and the tartness of goat's cheese ice cream

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Mumbai Food: Pop-up serves the Sri Lankan appam with a twist

Lakshit Shetty making an appam At a convention hall in Nariman Point, Lakshit Shetty ladles a dollop of silk smooth, brown-hued batter into a deep-bo

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Mumbai Food: New dish from Netherlands finds way to Andheri eatery

Kapsalon. Pic/Satej Shinde "You need to mix it right from the bottom because there are many layers to the dish," instructs Zubair Ah over a phone ca

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