Bigg Boss 12 Nov 19 Update: Inmates get second chance to be safe

Everybody deserves a second chance to rectify their mistakes. Similarly, Bigg Boss also gave the contestants a second chance to save themselves from t

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Aadesh Shrivastavas son Avitesh gets candid like never before

For many artistes, tracing the footsteps of their revered parents in an industry that is quick to draw parallels can be a daunting task. Yet, Avitesh

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Bigg Boss 12 Nov 18 Update: Farah Khan's fun moment with contestants

After Shivashish's unfortunate exit, the atmosphere of the house has turned a little dull. Brightening up the mood was the famous director cum produce

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When Rithvik Dhanjani performed magic tricks on India's Got Talent

Rithvik Dhanjani pulled a surprise on the reality show, India's Got Talent, which he hosts. Wearing a mask (above), he performed magic tricks on the s

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Bigg Boss 12 Nov 17 Update: Salman Khan rages out at the contestants

When reality bites, it can be hard. Similarly this week's Weekend Ka Vaar couldn't have been more hard-hitting and explosive. While some of the contes

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Pratyusha Bannerjee's ex boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh weds Saloni Sharma

Late TV actor Pratyusha Bannerjee's ex-beau Rahul Raj Singh tied the knot with girlfriend Saloni Sharma on Wednesday. It was a low-key affair with fam

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Bigg Boss 12 November 16 Update: Shivashish's mistakes leads to a brawl

When rules are laid they need to be followed, if they aren't then consequences should be handled well. As the week is nearing an end, it was now time

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Bigg Boss 12 November 15 Update: Two tasks for one captain!

Patience, perseverance and hardwork is the key to a person's success. After winning the Hitman task with their strategy, Romil and Shivashish have bee

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Bigg Boss 12 November 14 Update: Romil and Surbhi have a verbal tiff

Never forget the person who has always been with you in the time of your trouble. But the contestants seem to have forgotten the bonds they share, esp

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Bani Judge: Did things that were tough for the boys

Her journey to bagging the second spot in a stunt-based reality show in 2007 made evident that Bani Judge was always a rebel. It's no wonder then that

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Diego Luna: Many cultural similarities between India and Mexico

Hollywood star Diego Luna hopes the Indian audience will embrace "Narcos: Mexico" as he believes both the countries share a lot of cultural similariti

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Bigg Boss 12 Update November 12: Friends pitted against each other

Wrongdoings must be punished. If not, it will encourage others and create mayhem until anarchy wears off its tolerance and understanding. It's the be

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Bigg Boss 12 November 10 Update: Happy Club, happy no more?

It's true when said, that strength and growth come only through continuous efforts. Having fought for captaincy, almost every week, Karanvir has now f

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Bigg Boss 12 Nov 9 Update: Captaincy Task creates estranged environment

The fight for power can be unpredictable and one can forget their humility. A tough fight was about to take precedence in the Bigg Boss house as four

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Bigg Boss 12 Nov 8 Update: Inmates sacrifice for each other's happiness

Diwali is known as the festival of lights and ensures the end of darkness and negativity. Similarly, this year Diwali brings in a lot of cheer for the

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Indian YouTuber Prajakta Koli takes tolerance video to UN

After having found herself among 50 YouTubers from across the globe who were selected to create a video for United Nations' Creators For Change, India

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Bigg Boss 12 November 7 Update: Dipika makes halwa cake for Sreesanth

When the mind says yes and the heart says no, what does one do? Playing the game in the Bigg Boss House requires contestants to be mentally strong. Co

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Bigg Boss 12 November 6 update: The latest task to create tremor

Its true when they say, he who rides in the middle of the road gets hit by both the ends. A tedious war for power is seen every week between the conte

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Rasika Dugal finds a muse in Meena Kumari for Mirzapur

As she slipped into the role of the wife of a gang lord for the upcoming web series Mirzapur, Rasika Dugal was given a clear brief at the onset — he

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Bigg Boss 12 Nov 5 Update: Sreesanth turns out to be a mastermind

Bigg Boss contestants never realise the power they have until they taste the joy of being the captain. With great power comes greater responsibility a

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