8 mistakes healthy Indians are making

Are you slashing sugar but forgetting about salt? Working out so hard, you could be risking burnout?

Lifestyle - 20 hours ago

Kombucha, the tea of health

A 2,000-year-old fermented tea is now the favoured drink for health-conscious Indians

Lifestyle - a week ago

Sleepless in the sack? See what's keeping you awake, and how to fix it

One of the casualties of modern living is sleep. Most people aren’t getting enough, and those that are, are having their sleep compromised by elemen

Lifestyle - a week ago

#KeepFit: Find reasons to move your body, says actor Jim Sarbh

When it comes to food, he’s wary of beer and pizza. ‘But even there it’s not a blanket ban; I just choose when to indulge.’

Lifestyle - 2 weeks ago

'My fitness mantra? Stay happy and stay active,' says Tapsee Pannu

Eat fresh local produce, go dancing, pick a sport you love and a snack that’s good for you, and keeping fit can be fun, she says.

Lifestyle - 3 weeks ago

To have, or not to have, coconut oil...

When an epidemiologist at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health called coconut oil one of the worst things anyone can eat, it was only the lates

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Fit and fine: How to burn calories without feeling woozy in summer heat

Sure, there are downsides to exercising in summer. But these tips and tricks will help you meet your fitness goals with ease.

Lifestyle - a month ago

Ayurveda 2.0: Here's how you can go back to your roots

Ayurveda is not just about its medicinal system, but also a study of human bodies. Know your doshas, customise your diet as per your body type.

Lifestyle - a month ago

The truth about eggs...

Rich in nutrients or high in cholesterol? A healthy snack or a guilty pleasure? As research continues to fuel confusion, HT attempts to decode the e

Lifestyle - a month ago

A boys' beach body guide: How to get a ripped for the summer season

Fad diets or starving won’t get you the results. Experts tell you how to get the summer beach body.

Lifestyle - 2 months ago

Summer got you feeling blue? Here's how you can deal with summer fatigue

Can’t figure out why the rise in temperature gets you feeling like a zombie? According to experts, here are 5 reasons why you might be feeling tired

Lifestyle - 3 months ago

The mental health riddle: 3 millennials tell us about living with bipolar disorder,...

In order to get people talking about mental health more openly, we spoke to three individuals who open up about their experiences with depression, bip

Lifestyle - 3 months ago

All hands on deck: A guide to hale nails

Do unclean nails turn you off? Well, here’s an expert guide on how to clean and groom your nails for the summer season.

Lifestyle - 3 months ago

Watch when you eat: Restricting the time over which you eat may help lose weight

When you eat is as important as what and how much you eat. As a growing body of research shows, eating within an eight to 10 hour window leads to weig

Lifestyle - 3 months ago

Holi daze: Tips to get over the bhangover

Synonymous with the traditional thandai made with bhang, Holi is incomplete without some good-spirited fun. But Holi celebrations also have a flipside

Lifestyle - 3 months ago

When you are scarred by acne! Here's what to do!

Acne comes and goes. But, it’s the scars that are harder to shake off. We got in touch with experts who tell us how to deal with acne scars.

Lifestyle - 4 months ago

Pregnancy within a year of stillbirth not associated with risk of pregnancy loss

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends women to wait for at least two years after a livebirth and at least six months after a miscarriage or i

Lifestyle - 4 months ago

Sleep apnea linked with Alzheimer's marker

Those who had apneas had on average 4.5% higher levels of tau in the entorhinal cortex than those who did not have apneas, suggests the study presente

Lifestyle - 4 months ago

Don't ignore heart attack symptoms while travelling

For the study, the researchers included 2,564 patients who had a heart attack and received rapid treatment with a stent (percutaneous coronary interve

Lifestyle - 4 months ago

Four stages of obesity, and how to reverse them

The paper, published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology said global obesity rates have been shooting up globally over the past four decades, with

Lifestyle - 4 months ago