People with neurotic personalities may live longer, even if they are not fit

Neuroticism is a personality trait associated with negative emotions such as frustration, worry and guilt. A research links neuroticism with long life

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Dear teens, are you overweight? Beware, you may be at risk of colon cancer

Obesity is linked to a 71% increased risk of rectal cancer in men, and more than a two-fold increased risk in women.

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Soften skin, clear acne, reduce wrinkles and 6 other things you can do with tur...

From healing burns and cuts to controlling the process of ageing, this herb has multiple benefits.

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Spending money to save time seems to make people happier, finds study

New research finds that people who dole out cash to save time on things like housekeeping, delivery services and taxis are a little bit happier than t

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Dear millennials, driving for over 2 hours every day may lower your IQ

A study suggests that people who want to protect their brains against the ravages of ageing should minimise their time on the road and find activities

Lifestyle - 21 hours ago

Iron Fist: Senior citizens, tai chi helps you build body strength and balance

The ancient Chinese practice focuses on flexibility and body coordination that promotes harmonised motion in space.

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Worried about food-related hygiene this monsoon? Follow these 8 dos and don'ts

It is also a time to be extra careful about infections, in particular, gastrointestinal infections. Here’s how you can keep your food safe.

Lifestyle - 24 hours ago

8 herbs that will keep you fit and infection-free this monsoon

Here’s a list of herbs that will boost your immunity and help fight the diseases and infections common during this season.

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Avoid drinking cow's milk and have a beer a day for good health. Here's why

We bust myths and bring you the truth behind the health benefits of popular foods.

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Kids, are you overworked at school? Here's how you can cope with the stress

Between homework, schoolwork, exams and test anxiety, post-school activities and bullying, kids can be super stressed out.

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

Want to protect yourself from dementia? Regular exercise can help protect brain...

Exercise can enhance fitness as well as boost brain metabolism which can protect brain cells and prevent dementia in old age.

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

More than just blues: Depression can alter the human brain's structure

A quality of brain matter - known as white matter integrity - was reduced in people who reported symptoms indicative of depression.

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

It's all in the mind: Studies show our attitude to ageing affects health in old...

Four studies conducted by researchers in the US found that our perceptions of growing older affect our health as we age.

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This monsoon, stay safe and use these apps to keep mosquitoes at bay

This monsoon, check out the apps that will protect you from the dreaded mosquito-related diseases, such as malaria and dengue.

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Not recovering from infections despite taking antibiotics? Blame it on the fried...

If you suffer from an infection that is not getting cured despite use of medicines, it could be because of consuming poultry products fattened with a

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Feeling feverish or catching a cold? Here's what to eat to stay healthy in the ...

Monsoon is a time to enjoy cooler weather, but it also causes viral infections and fever. Here are some natural remedies to ensure you get the require

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Yoghurt- the power snack

Yoghurt is available in many varieties now. And millions are being spent on its research to make it tastier

Lifestyle - 2 days ago

Mumbai, get fitter: Nutritionists reveal the truth behind diet and food myths

Remember when we thought eggs and potatoes are bad for our health? Turns out most of the diet myths we believe in are not true

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Think you're safe from pollution inside the car? It actually may be more danger...

The findings of a recent study showed the pollution inside the cars contained twice the amount of chemicals that cause oxidative stress

Lifestyle - 3 days ago

Watch your diet, moms-to-be. High-fat foods may risk your baby's mental health

A research suggested that a high-fat diet alters the development of the brain and endocrine system of the baby, causing a long-term impact on their b

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