A frightful mess: Rashid Irani reviews Truth or Dare

Expect neither story, craft nor logic. You’d be better off playing the game, alone.

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Beyond The Clouds movie review: Not Majid Majidi's best, Ishaan Khatter shines

Beyond The Clouds movie review: Despite excellent symbols and good performances in patches, Beyond The Clouds remains something we have seen and had e

Movies - 18 hours ago

Rampage movie review: Dwayne Johnson is the only winner in a battle of giant mo...

Rampage movie review: As we know by now, these movies - Jumanji and Fast & Furious - are largely vehicles for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to drive o

Movies - 5 days ago

Unfreedom movie review: Once banned, now released from its prison by Netflix

Unfreedom movie review: Director Raj Amit Kumar’s convoluted film favours nudity over its poignant themes.

Movies - 5 days ago

October movie review: We all are fighting like Varun Dhawan and winning

October movie review: Calling Varun Dhawan’s film only a love story will be injustice to its resilient tone. It’s a battle, both inter-personal an

Movies - 6 days ago

Giant creatures smash things: Rashid Irani reviews Rampage

A giant alligator, an airborne wolf and an albino gorilla threaten to flatten Chicago. Dwayne Johnson must save the day. It’s exactly as it sounds.

Movies - 6 days ago

A Quiet Place movie review: Destined to become a classic, John Krasinski's horror...

A Quiet Place movie review: John Krasinski’s horror film is destined for greatness. It’s one of the best horror films of the last decade. You will

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Blackmail movie review: Irrfan Khan film is all our lives, with jokes

Blackmail movie review: Fun filled and realistic story-telling made interesting with engaging and hilarious performances of Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutt

Movies - 2 weeks ago

S Durga movie review: This is not a film, but a stunning abstract piece of art

S Durga movie review: The sharp commentary with subtle symbolism touches upon how we as individuals are forced to make choices that go against our bel

Movies - 2 weeks ago

Parole movie review:This Mammootty starrer could have been so much more

Parole movie review: The formulaic plot of father does all for son is a trope we do not want repeated.

Movies - 2 weeks ago

Missing movie review: Slightly disoriented, but Manoj Bajpayee-Tabu make it work

Missing isn’t a spellbinding thriller you were waiting for, but it has its moments. Here’s our movie review.

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Basmati Blues movie review: You're not going to believe how racist (and insulting)...

Basmati Blues movie review: Everyone involved, including star Brie Larson, should be ashamed of this offensive, racist and tone-deaf disaster.

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The Florida Project movie review: America's answer to Slumdog Millionaire is a diamond...

The Florida Project movie review: Sean Baker’s masterpiece was ignored by the Oscars, but it’s a a haunting, achingly beautiful film, featuring a

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Hogwash ahoy: Review of Midnight Sun by Rashid Irani

This is a movie so weak and soppy, you’d be better off watching all the Nicholas Sparks adaptations back-to-back.

Movies - 2 weeks ago

Expect to be mesmerised: Rashid Irani reviews A Quiet Place

A winning idea - a family forced to live in total silence, to avoid monsters drawn by sound - and stunning execution make this a truly terrifying film

Movies - 2 weeks ago

Hop away: Review of Peter Rabbit by Rashid Irani

The movie adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic picture book is, at best, fitfully amusing.

Movies - 2 weeks ago

Chal Mohan Ranga movie review: Comedy saves this Nithiin starrer

Chal Mohan Ranga movie review: Nithiin plays the titular role in this romance drama, in which he is paired opposite Mega Akash.

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Ready Player One movie review: The most spectacular blockbuster Steven Spielberg...

Ready Player One movie review: Steven Spielberg directs a visually stunning, propulsively paced adaptation of Ernie Cline’s ‘holy grail of pop-cul

Movies - 2 weeks ago

Baaghi 2 movie review: Goa bears Tiger Shroff's wrath and so do we

At nearly 150-minute of runtime, Baaghi 2 is a big disappointment, especially for those who were waiting for a new action star to take over Bollywood.

Movies - 3 weeks ago

Pacific Rim Uprising movie review: At the very least, it's the best Transformers...

Pacific Rim Uprising movie review: A brighter, louder and more dumbed down sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s original. At the very least, it’s better

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