Holographic Hair Is Newest Trend Inspired By Fairytales!

It is said that a woman’s hair is always the best feature of her beauty. People are not wrong is saying that. Imagine a pretty girl with golden blon

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10 Black Blouses Which Are Complete Must HaveTo Oomph Up The Style Quotient!

For someone who loves draping her saree for every occasion, it is a real struggle to create a unique look out of it. After all, there are only so many

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5 Run Away Trends We Are Crushing On !

Run Away Trends – Well, people finally summer befalls us and we are at a loss of ways to keep ourselves cool in this sweltering heat. But that will

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5 Uber Stylish Ways To Drape 6 Yards Of The Saree !

Stylish ways to drape saree – No matter what one says, Indian women look the best of best when they are clad I the traditional attire of our country

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Home Remedies That Soften Your Beard !

Home remedies to soften beard – Beard is one among those special features of a man who can make a woman fall for him. Every woman finds beard sexy a

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5 Things You Should Do Before Heading For A Bikini Wax !

The bikini season is here girls and it’s time you clean up properly for the beach season. However, whether you are a novice or a pro, a bikini wax c

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5 Shades Of Lipstick Trending Hot This Season Are Must Have For Sexy Pout !

Shades of lipstick – Cosmetics are a constant for women. There is hardly any woman who leaves home without even the slightest bit of make-up on thei

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These Make-Up Styles will Match With Your Zodiac Sign

Make-up style that matches Zodiac sign – We use make-up as a recognition of our daily style, from the dramatic eye make-up to the vibrant lip colors

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Lakme Fashion Week – What’s Trending Hot This Season !

Lakme Fashion Week 2017 – Lakme fashion season witnessed some of the finest fashion designer and aspiring ones too. There were various things that g

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10 Foundation Brands That Celebrities Are In Love With

Foundation brands that celebrities love – What comes to our minds when we first hear the word “make-up”? Obviously, film stars and celebrities.

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5 Styling Blunders You Are Doing And You Don’t Even Know It!

Styling blunders – Have you been wearing that favourite shirt of yours or those lovely pants that you love flaunting in a wrong way? Well, to clear

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Ditch The Usual Makeup Brands For These 5 Organic Makeup Brands

Organic makeup brands – Though there is no saying regarding this, but make-up is also a girl’s best friend, yeah we women love makeup as it makes

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How To Stay Fashionable Even When Your Pocket Is Empty

Stay fashionable even without money – We all want to stay up on our fashion game and no one wants to walk out of the door looking like trash. It doe

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Anu Malik’s Beautiful Daughter Ada Malik Is All About Beauty And Fashion!

Anu Malik’s Daughter – Just in case you thought that the entire Malik family will end up in the music industry, here’s someone who will prove yo

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7 “NEW” Ways To Style Your Old Clothes!

NEW ways to style old clothes – If you love shopping as much as most of the girls do,  I’m pretty sure that you have tons of clothes pushed to th

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5 Things You Need Even If You Hate Makeup

Makeup products – If you’re one of those girls who would never waste money on countless makeup products and think it’s a total waste of time, ho

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5 Fashion Tricks That Will Help You Hide That Extra Fat

If you are a fashion maniac, then you probably know how it is to dress up when you have got some extra fat. But for the normal who are not that much i

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6 Dresses You Can Wear This Christmas And Rock The Party

Dresses for Christmas – Christmas is on its way and most of the girls are drowning in confusion of what to wear on Christmas Eve. While some take it

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How To Apply Lipstick So That It Stays For Long Hours

One of the reasons why people abstain from wearing lipstick is that it’s continually falling off. Not at all like foundation or mascara where they c

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How To Apply Foundation So That It Matches Your Skin Tone Perfectly

Foundation is the very premise that helps you to accomplish a perfect face. In any case, the right utilization of this mystical cream is a trap, which

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These Hot African Models Prove That All Races Are Beautiful

Racial discrimination is something that is going on in our world for years and we have tried fighting it again and again with no good results. We stil

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Can You Handle These Hot Pictures Of Men From The Modeling World?

Models are fascinating and no matter what, we always tend to vie for their looks. Their perfect bodies with an amazing jaw line and a smile that can w

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These Pictures Of Victoria Secret’s Lingerie Models Will Make You Fantasize Them

Most of the girls love Victoria Secret for its amazing collection of lingerie. But do you know why men love it? Well, it’s for sure not for the ling

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7 Pictures Of Deepika Padukone Pulling Off The Hottest Airport Looks

Hottest airport looks – Deepika is hot and we all know it. The way she pulls of every look and every role with such perfection, she leaves all of us

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This Trick Will Help You In Applying Eyeliner Correctly EveryTime

No matter how good you are at doing makeup, when it comes to applying eyeliner, you find it tricky. It’s one thing to put eyeliner on someone else

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Style To Steal From Sonam Kapoor On What To Wear This Shaadi Season

With every piece of garment, Sonam Kapoor lifts up the standard of fashion in the industry. She is known as the most stylish and fashion diva in the i

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Bollywood Divas And The Luxurious Perfumes They Use

We tend to assert our food, clothing, fashion, footwear and even perfumes after getting inspired by our favorite Bollywood celebrities. Bollywood cele

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14 Types Of Blouse That Every Indian Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

While elevating sexuality, feminism, and sensuality of a woman, Saree plays an indispensable role in the society. Indian woman spend hours together to

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5 Beauty Tips That Will Help You Look Amazing Even When You Are Tired

Beauty tips – After a late night party or a restless night, an absence of rest can abandon you feeling and looking a long way from great. Nobody nee

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