Get Stronger Nails In No Time With These Amazing Tips

Stronger Nails – Are you really disheartened with the fact that your nails are losing the lustre and beauty? Have your nails become so brittle that

Fashion - 3 days ago

5 Hairstyles That Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Hairstyles that will make you look younger – Are you someone who loves experimenting with your hair? Then, girl, you would definitely know that a ha

Fashion - 4 days ago

This Brow-Carving Craze Trending On Instagram Will Make You Go WOAH

The world is dominated by the social media today. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many more of these social media platforms have allowed us to show-c

Fashion - a week ago

Hair Dye That Changes Color According To The Temperature !

Hair dye that changes color – Hair colours are something that all the fashionistas are obsessed off, it instantly gives you a chic look and covers g

Fashion - 2 weeks ago

WTF, Freaky Trend – Black Tapes Are Replacing Clothes Of Women !

Black tapes dress – Black dress is a perfect choice for any kind of event or occasion. Most of the women prefer black dress because it makes them lo

Fashion - 2 weeks ago

Forget POUT – Fish Gape Selfies Is The Newest Trend And Bollywood Divas Are Sporting Aame For Shutterbugs !

Fish gape selfies – We live in the age of selfies. When it comes to celebrities, we get awe-stuck with their poses. In the trending times pout is ol

Fashion - 2 weeks ago

10 Habits of Highly Stylish Women

Habits of stylish women – Conventionally the lives of highly stylish people and the average person are more or less similar, but there are a certain

Fashion - 2 weeks ago

10 Ways To Style A Same Classic White Shirt like a DIVA !

Ways to wear white shirt – Well every morning I open my closet I scream one thing “I have nothing to wear”  and Ok I know all most all girls th

Fashion - 3 weeks ago

This Woman’s Hair-Art Is Undoubtedly Fabulous – She Literally Turns Hair Into A Work Of Art!

Hair Colour Trends – Trust me; these hair-art pictures are the best thing that you will see today. You will be 101% impressed and most importantly m

Fashion - 3 weeks ago

This Pom Pom Make Up Is So Colorful And Quirky That You Would Love To Try It !

Pom pom make up – Pom poms are cute, chic and those tiny colorful balls that can pep up any boring outfit and make you look FAB in a jiffy. Pom poms

Fashion - 3 weeks ago

Now There’s Detachable Jeans That Can Turn Into Shorts, And Yes It’s Absolutely Questionable!

Detachable Jeans – Earlier, “Plastic jeans” were considered to be the worst thing ever. And this time, people are not liking the new “detachab

Fashion - 4 weeks ago

5 Things You Must Know Before Dying Your Hair

Before dying hair – If you ask me I want to dye my hair? Yes, I am up for it.One of the hottest trends going on is hair coloring, which includesdiff

Fashion - 4 weeks ago

How To Give Modern Twist To Age Old Saree In A Dramatic Way And Steal The Show

Dramatic saree draping styles – The saree is an all-time favorite of all Indian women. The 9 yards of fabric draped elegantly makes for a complete t

Fashion - 4 weeks ago

Holographic Hair Is Newest Trend Inspired By Fairytales!

It is said that a woman’s hair is always the best feature of her beauty. People are not wrong is saying that. Imagine a pretty girl with golden blon

Fashion - a month ago

10 Black Blouses Which Are Complete Must HaveTo Oomph Up The Style Quotient!

For someone who loves draping her saree for every occasion, it is a real struggle to create a unique look out of it. After all, there are only so many

Fashion - a month ago

5 Run Away Trends We Are Crushing On !

Run Away Trends – Well, people finally summer befalls us and we are at a loss of ways to keep ourselves cool in this sweltering heat. But that will

Fashion - 2 months ago

5 Uber Stylish Ways To Drape 6 Yards Of The Saree !

Stylish ways to drape saree – No matter what one says, Indian women look the best of best when they are clad I the traditional attire of our country

Fashion - 2 months ago

Home Remedies That Soften Your Beard !

Home remedies to soften beard – Beard is one among those special features of a man who can make a woman fall for him. Every woman finds beard sexy a

Fashion - 2 months ago

5 Things You Should Do Before Heading For A Bikini Wax !

The bikini season is here girls and it’s time you clean up properly for the beach season. However, whether you are a novice or a pro, a bikini wax c

Fashion - 2 months ago

5 Shades Of Lipstick Trending Hot This Season Are Must Have For Sexy Pout !

Shades of lipstick – Cosmetics are a constant for women. There is hardly any woman who leaves home without even the slightest bit of make-up on thei

Fashion - 2 months ago