10 Ways to Reinvent Your Western Look Under Tight budget

Western look – Fashion is all about the sense of proportion, you don’t have to sell your soul for looking fashionable. Just that, you have to keep

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Fashion Trends That Are Going To Be Back By 2018

Fashion trends that are coming back – We assume all the fashion ninjas out have already started leafing through the fashion mags for inspiration. Bu

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10 Outfits of Selena Gomez that Prove She Owns 2017

Any news related to Selena Gomez is selling like hot cake now and becoming a clickbait for various websites. Reason is simple, her getting back on wit

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10 Fashion Habits That Will Earn You More Respect in Your Friend circle

A true blue fashionista lives by certain fashion rules that make her stand out in the crowd. Dressing well is the sign of a good observer, learner and

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10 Things You Essentially Need For a Quick College Make-up

Doing make up for college is a little tricky because there should be a fine line between beautiful and overboard. College make-up is all about neutral

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10 Hairstyles That Make You Look Older

One can add years to her look with a wrong hairstyle and conversely, subtract years with the perfect one. In the advent of social media we see celebri

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10 Ways To Oomph Up Your Kurta Jeans Look

Kurta and Jeans are staples in a college girl’s wardrobe because of the comfort quotient. It is hence not a rocket science for us girls to pair a ku

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Five Types Of Statement Sleeves Trending Hot, B-town Seems To Be Obsessed With These!

Types of sleeve trending – Every single day a new fashion or trend gets caught in our eyes, isn’t it? The world of fashion sometimes feels larger

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5 Hairstyles For Thinner Appearance of Your Face

Getting a perfect hair-cut is the holy grail of good looks. It can both make or ruin your looks and you need to really understand your face-cut well f

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These Are The Style Mistakes Men Do That Make Them Look Fat

Fashion is not everybody’s cup of tea because a good taste in clothes is synonymous to good sense of proportion. There is a saying that dress like y

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5 Ways You Can Twin With Your BFF To Look Chic And Cool!

Twin with your BFF – For girls their besties matter a lot and are of high priority than the rest of the world. We can’t even think of shopping or

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Dress in These 5 Ways and Men Will Definitely Notice You Distinctly in The Pub

Dress to be noticed – Not all people have mastery over dressing because this is an art which requires a lot of research and perfect understanding ab

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Not Just With Fashion, Here Are Times Alia Bhatt Impressed Us With Her Hairstyles!

Hairstyles Of Alia Bhatt – Many follow Alia Bhatt because her Fashion sense is on point. So one thing’s clear and i.e. IF you want some fashionabl

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Latest Nathni Designs To Rock And Look Like Queen Like Padmavati or Mastani!

Nathni designs – The stories of queens and princess are just not limited to their apparel but also loved for their beautiful jewelry that they wore

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Forget Sonam Kapoor, Shanaya Kapoor Is New Fashion Diva Who Ddresses To Kill !

Shanaya Kapoor – Kapoor’s are ruling the fashion game in Bollywood and with every passing day setting fashion goals for the rest of the world. Jus

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These Famous Hollywood Stars Got Indian Tattoos And You’ll be Shocked To Know Their Meanings!

Hollywood stars who got Indian tattoos – Inks and tattoos have become a common thing in the global society in fact; it has always been an integral p

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4 Styling Tips To Look Irresistible This Christmas Season

Styling tips this christmas season – Come Christmas season and ladies are rolling their sleeves to primp up like a diva. Now, there is a thin line b

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5 Types Of Matha Patti That All Brides-To-Be Can Don

Matha Patti is one of the pieces of jewelry that most of the brides sport on their wedding day. This fashion bauble gives the ideal Indian bride look.

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5 Ammonia Free Hair Color Brands Available In India They Color And Care About Your Tresses!

Ammonia Free Hair Color – There are times when we simply can’t avoid hair colors, it might be to cover grays, or cover dye-job which went wrong or

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Skin Illuminating Drops Are Leaving Skin Highlighters in a Tizzy Nowadays

Skin Illuminating Drops – Now that October is here and now that there is a nip in the air, our skin tends to look dry and lifeless as winter wrings

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