10 Dimpled Celebrities of Bollywood

The dimpled divas always win brownie points in Bollywood because they are a package of sex appeal and cuteness. Trust us, two of these together can ma

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8 Hilarious Differences Between Girls In Movies And In Real Life

Girls in movies and in real life – Movies are a few hours of visual treat. They can impact you and sometimes you also try to live like a character.

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Alia Bhatt Got A Hair Cut And Twitter Is Doing What It Is Good At!

Alia Bhatt got a hair cut – The cute little actress of the B-town is well known for throwing the most adorable and amazing style statements to all t

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Celebrities DIY Skin Secrets You Need To Know Right Now!

Celebrities skin secrets – All the beauty queens have the flawless, glowing skin. There arises a question in your mind, how do they manage to have s

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Ten Times Alia Gave Us Chic Fashion Goals Which Can Be Pulled By Youngster Easily!

Alia Bhatt fashion goals – Alia Bhatt – the heartthrob of almost every boy and girl out there. The B-town actress effortlessly makes a statement l

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9 Lesser Known Facts About Deepika Padukone

Actress Deepika Padukone is the most happening actress within the recent times. It’s been ten years since our DP entered the Bollywood movie industr

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Shawshank Shashi : Remembering The Youngest Kapoor

Shashi Kapoor – “Likhe jo khat tujhe, wo teri yaad men Hajaaro rng ke najaare ban gaye Sawera jab hua, to ful ban gaye Jo raat ai to sitaaren ban

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Padmavati VS The Mighty Rajputs : Who Wins?

“There was no Rani Padmini. It is likely that Rana Ratan Singh was married at the time of the battle in 1303, for they would marry early then and ma

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Really! This is Why Alia is the Heartthrob of Boys

Alia is the Heartthrob of Boys – Boys always have a crush on Bollywood actresses. But, there is one among these beauties who rule their hearts. Yes,

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10 Period Dramas of Bollywood That Left Us Enamored

There is quite a fortune spent on Bollywood period dramas and not all of them are eligible to dote on. Some period dramas that were hyperbolic and see

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Celebs Who Flaunt Their Flaws With Pride And Prove No One’s PERFECT!

Celebrity Flaws – There are many who think Bollywood celebs are PERFECT i.e. they have no body issues, at all. But is that really true? Obviously NO

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Here’s What “Nihaar Pandya” Has To Say About People Calling Him “Deepika’s EX”!

Nihaar Pandya Facts – We all know that BEFORE dating Ranveer Singh & Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone was dating “Nihaar Pandya.” Both fell in l

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Movies of Indian Cinema that Have Sold Maximum Number of Tickets

Bollywood has inundated us with nostalgia which are not at par with today’s time when joining the 100/200/500 crore club target was not the focal po

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These Pictures OF Alia Bhatt With Her Cat “Edward Bhatt” Will Bring A Smile On Your Face!

Alia Bhatt With Her Cat – We all know Alia Bhatt gifted herself a kitten on her 24th birthday & later Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen revealed that th

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7 New Age Relationship Tips from Bollywood

Relationship tips from bollywood – Relationship woes are the next big thing people are facing these days. Thus, you must also be trying different wa

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Here’s Yami Gautam’s Diet & Fitness Secrets & You Know You Wanna Know It!

Fitness Secrets Of Yami Gautam – Yami Gautam is gorgeous & talented. Oh and she’s fit & fine too. But have you ever thought what the secret behind

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Nargis Fakhri Gets Trolled Again & This Is How She’s Giving It Back!

Nargis Fakhri Trolled – From few days, Nargis Fakhri is uploading a lot of throwback pictures. Be it from her PhotoShoot days or beach days, she’s

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Super Luxurious Vanity Vans Of These B-town Stars Will Blow Your Mind!

Luxurious vanity vans – Vanity vans now have taken new forms and styles that best suit the needs of every individual. They are all no longer boring

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Chitrangda Singh’s Latest SelFies Are PerFect Distractions!

Selfies Of Chitrangda Singh – Undoubtedly, Chitrangda Singh is a very gorgeous woman. Oh & she’s equally sexy too. Last time when she posted “Oh

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This Is Shraddha Kapoor’s Way Of Handling Stress!

Stress In Life – We all have stress in LIFE. At one point, we do experience sad things that results into giving us stress. Even though we shouldn’

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