'The Internet space works like a relationship'

Bengaluru-based Danish Sait, who is a comic/RJ/emcee, and now actor.

Nograj is a mad man, and the movie is the journey of this corporator in the political world. He is power hungry and will go to any lengths to get what he wants," says Bengaluru-based Danish Sait, comic/RJ/emcee, and now actor. The 29-year-old shot to fame, thanks to his radio crank calls where he portrays different characters like Nograj, Azghar, Chacko and American John. His Sound Cloud account has over 32 million plays. "I can't choose a favourite as they are all my babies. So, this type of comedy is about making something out of nothing. Like Seth Mcfarlen's Family Guy. You see these guys around you every day." Sait, who is regular on TV during the IPL season with his show, RCB Insider with Mr Nags, is now working on a movie based on one of his most popular characters, humble politician Nograj.

"So, it's been an organic curve. I and my co-writer, Saad Khan, first wrote a script that was centered around Azghar's character, but it was too out there, and we didn't think there would be space for such a crazy movie. So we then zeroed in on Nograj. And these days, politics is pop culture anyway," he says. The movie is about what happens when Nograj meets a man very different from him, and actually wants to do good. "Nograj is like Ravindra Gaikwad, the minister who hit an Air India staff member. He thinks he is entitled. So, when he meets this good guy, what happens is the crux of the story. It's like a good v/s evil tale, or more of sane v/s insane," he says. Sait plans to release the movie, which is shot in English and Kannada, towards the end of the year.

But right now, he is gearing up for his IPL schedule and looking forward to finishing the movie. He is also still on radio and Facebook, reaching out his fans through funny videos. "As a comic, I try to be politically correct because I am a non-confrontational person. I also think that my opinion is my opinion, and we don't need to share our opinions with anyone. A child and an adult may be viewing my content, and I just want to make sure it's fit for both of them. But yes, I try and send out a message, because I have the reach, and I should use it well." But, like every other intertainer (that's what he refers to himself as an 'internet entertainer'), Sait knows that audience is king.

"The Internet is like a relationship. The audience stays if you work, and heads out if it doesn't. They follow you and unfollow you. The biggest lesson I have learnt is that they are smarter than you. And I never underestimate them."

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