A new delivery service in Bandra is offering healthy bites in boxes

Tex Mex Stuffed Zucchini

Eating in appears to be the new eating out. The last few months have seen a slew of delivery-only places offering delicious home dining options -- Awadh biryani, thukpa, boozy desserts and dim sums besides the usual burgers, Indian tandoori fare. The newest kid on the block is Brown Rice Box (BRB) in Bandra, a delivery-only place offering healthy food. It made sense ordering lunch from here, to counter the effects of a week of indulgent eating.

BRB's delivery is restricted to just Bandra (W) but they are available on UBEREats. Our order took over an hour to arrive and by this time, most of the food had turned cold and the meat, rubbery.

Potato Latke

The menu helpfully lists the calories in each dish. The colourful Hudson Valley Mix ('200) salad looked like someone had chopped up vegetables and tossed them together. The sweet potato was raw and there was no dressing. The Tex Mex Stuffed Zucchini ('275) had hollowed out strips of the vegetable stuffed with a bland filling of chicken, cheese and herbs.


In the sandwiches section, we ordered ABC (Rs. 255) and Potato Latke (Rs. 275). The ABC had apple, brie cheese and chicken stuffed between brown bread slices. It was a combination that worked well, with the green apple providing good crunch to the sandwich. That classic pairing, salmon and cream cheese, in the Potato Latke, was the meal's highlight. Although the potato coating was too soggy and oily, we discarded it and focused our attention on the pink salmon and the creamy cheese.

Sesame Tossed Chicken with Brown Rice

BRB gets its name from the brown rice that's common to all its mains. The Seared Salmon with Brown Rice ('285) had tender bits of fish served with a bitter spinach curry for extra depth. The Charcoal Chicken with Brown Rice ('265) had smoky chicken pieces and a hot curry. The Sesame Tossed Chicken with Brown Rice (Rs. 265) was lackluster and didn't have enough sesame to do justice to its name.

We like the idea behind BRB of providing healthy, filling meals but they need to refine their flavours to stand out among the rest.

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